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  1. I mean, i guess it could be setting the fuel rods, but it hasn't dialed the insertion way up like it was before. Sure! I'll send you a PM with connection info, etc. Thanks!
  2. I enabled charging and I tried recalibrating the reactor as well. It still increases the fuel rods until the reactor is only producing 1.86mB/t of steam. Hmm...I just manually changed the fuel rod insertion back to 0% and it seems to be running fine now. BRGC hasn't tried to adjust the fuel rods since then, the 4.00B/t is reporting properly on the displays, and the turbines are approaching optimal speed. Maybe it's something with my setup? Thanks!
  3. Ah, my bad...I omitted that I've tried setting up BRGC a few times now. Even with the turbines and the Energy Core attached, BRGC sets the rod insertion upwards of 96%. This improves fuel depletion considerably, but it greatly reduces the amount of steam produced. As expected, if I disconnect the OC cable from the reactor and reduce the rod insertion, the steam output is fine again. With the turbines attached to BRGC, the controller shuts down one of the turbines after increasing rod insertion to 96% or higher. Should I only run one turbine off my reactor? Thanks!
  4. I'm having some trouble with BRGC... I have an actively cooled reactor running two turbines, which are charging a Draconic Evolution Energy Core. Without BRGC, the reactor produces 4000mB/t steam, which is piped out to the turbines. After connecting only the reactor to BRGC, it calibrated and set the rod insertion to 96% or higher. This cuts steam output down to about 1600mB/t and my turbines are barely spinning. Why does BRGC set the rod insertion so high? I assume I'm doing something wrong here, but I'm not sure what. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
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