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  1. I didn't edit the init.lua and im not sure what i need to edit. Owner: Gladox114 Name: Gladox114.robot Last error: bad argument #1 (number expected, got string) Number of connected components: 6/12 Component name: computer Address: 02bc007a-42e2-44cb-9f9c-480a27239814
  2. Gladox114

    a nil value

    I tried it and it didn't work. And yeah i overlooked that ^^ I tried it with items = {} and it didn't worked. And I want to load the itemList.cfg and tried it with os.execute("itemList.cfg") and the same error edit: The ME_Controller didnt had energy so my working code didnt worked too but now both are doing great
  3. Gladox114

    a nil value

    I was building on the AE2Stock code and i wanted the items list separate from the code itself to edit it while its running but however the storedItem[1].size is nil by executing my newer version of AE2Stock. So i need help The working older version: https://pastebin.com/c1B0L0Pi The New Version i need help with: https://pastebin.com/Tb4KWszT and the list https://pastebin.com/ZiPbChT2 Maybe you'll need my function drawText(text,SecondGPUProxy): https://pastebin.com/S5uMbMBT
  4. I can't use functions like error() or print() and the most programs don't work on MineOS
  5. I think its working but its not starting directly so i would maybe start it ones before timer starts it "loopDelay" later. I appreciate it and thx for helping me
  6. Im not sure how to do the event stuff. Im half way a noob but i'll try
  7. I installed AE2crafting stock from here and edited it so that its a thread and uses an another screen and i want to use the home of OpenOS while its active to multitask... for more infos my codes: Drawtext to another screen > pastebin.com/NnsHQ4cB AE2 crafting stock > pastebin.com/wTbDU5di adjustScreen > pastebin.com/LU8eNn1n
  8. Yeah for now i just wanted to go a line down if the string contains "\n" in it. its cheap ik I am not allowed to use numbers in gpu.set() but i want so i need to convert however the number to a string.tonumber() converts a string with a number like "10" in to a number like 10. The opposite what i need and i thought that string.format() does the opposite.
  9. When i am in the Lua section and want to use the string.format("%g",num) it works like it should but in my code drawtext not... I want to use gpu.set(x,y,string) but my problem is that i want sometime numbers as strings but i don't know how to convert them properly info who is wondering whats drawText() drawText(print, gpu proxy) is my function that prints something on my second screen with a second graphics card to multi-task
  10. Thx for explaining it because i didn't understood the meaning of tx and ty in the gpu API ^^
  11. The gpu.copy() is a little bit bugged i would say or i use it wrong local c = require("component") local gpu2 = c.proxy(c.get("009")) gpu2.setBackground(0xCC0000) -- setting background to red local x,y = gpu2.getResolution() gpu2.fill(1,1,x,y," ") -- fill the whole screen red gpu2.setBackground(0x000000) -- setting background to black gpu2.fill(1,1,x,y/2," ") -- fill the top half screen black os.sleep(2) gpu2.copy(1,y/2,x,y/2,1,1) -- copy the red half bottom to the half top print(y/2) -- just to check if i calculate something wrong os.sleep(2) And it doesn't work at all as you can see in the picture... I maybe need some examples and tutorials for this.
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