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  1. Hey me again. So I've been using the program fine until now. I added a new SG and teleported to an older gate that has the SG ID but not it's name in the address. So I click Edit Address in order to rename it appropriately. But when I did that I got a blank screen. I was able to Ctrl W to close that window. If I clicked on Edit address then same thing. So I turned off the computer. then turned it back on. And I got /home # So I typed pastebin run -f and the code and it did it's usual loading thing but then /home # screen with nothing on it. If I shutdown and reboot, same thing again. I'm stuck on this planet. What do I do? EDIT: I figured it out. Just created a new hard drive.
  2. Success! https://gyazo.com/24ae04aca7f2ff029f93d96bb0050879 Thanks
  3. This is what dunkel looks like for me. https://gyazo.com/9b94bbca03a8f97afb43a1038bc90fbd
  4. When I select dunkel (as I did tried it) it's green. The text font is "leaf" bright green or "terminal" green. Nothing like your screenshot above.
  5. I just install a new gate and it's at version 2.11.5 and I don't see the new colors. I see dunked and schwartz and normal
  6. I totally understand. Thanks a tons for the colors. So how do I get the update rolling? I've never done it before. Do I shutdown the computer and restart it? Or is there a reload function?
  7. Yeah, much nicer. ;-) So you will make that on option in the config? I know you just changed the colors and that was easy. Would making the green bars half their size be a hard fix? I know I'm asking too much.. hehe.. By green bars, I mean the horizontal and vertical bars
  8. Sure... The blueish/green main text is 57DED4 The black background is 020204 The text over is obviously inverted so black text and blueish fill The red text is C80E13 You can decide where that would look cool And the green is 91DF44 also up to you to decide where it goes of course. Not too much of the green and red though. ;-) That would be really cool. I forgot the white text on blue background that you could use to select the gates. Blue: 3667A2 White: D2D7CF Oh and also the dark gray parenthesis : 555753 Thanks for doing this.
  9. Thanks for the answer. I was thinking of something like this. https://gyazo.com/8d0a855597fecfc3fbf252a5ed6c9adb
  10. Is there a way to change the colors on the main screen? I would like to go a little more blackish. Thanks. Great program.
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