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  1. Just waiting for approval

  2. I got it installed. And that is all of it. Most of the programs result in errors. Besides nonfunctional programs like ifconfig, I do miss the man command. I see a lot of potential for this OS as soon all the commands perform as they should on plain install.
  3. Hi all. I recently added OpenComputers to my server in addition to TIS-3D and ComputerCraft It is a fairly big modpack with 170 mods but runs pretty wel on most computers with 4 GB RAM or more. The server has 24 GB RAM and is dedicated to Minecraft. I am looking for players who want to get going with OpenComputers on my server. If you're interested, please join! Download the launcher which will download the pack: http://limboworld.weebly.com/downloads.html Make sure you select Limboworld Feather as that one is the current pack with server online Server: ModList -
  4. Hi! I am stunned how great your OS looks. Can I ask you a request? Please update all English translations and I will translate the English to Dutch. I also encountered a possibly "out of memory" error on a fresh install starting weather on a tier 3 computer. Keep up the amazing work!
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