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if a == "Yes" or "No" dosnt work


Warning: Maybe its a bad english.


I dont know why this dont work.

I want to test if a specific word is written in to the "line" and it dosnt work.


line = io.read()

if line == "y" or "Y" then
print("its Yes")
elseif line == "n" or "N" then
print("its No")


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2 answers to this question

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That's not how Lua works. You need to compare the variable with each value you want to check. e.g.

if line == "yes" or line == "y" then

You can also use the lower method to make this a bit simpler:

if line:lower() == "y" then

That can also be written as follows:

if string.lower(line) == "y" then

You probably should read the Lua Manual. Just select the version that the CPU your computer has is using (Either 5.2 or 5.3. Hover over it to see).

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