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      The latest released version of OpenComputers is version 1.6.1 for MC 1.7.10, 1.8.9, 1.9.4 & 1.10.2. See more information here! Beta/Dev builds can be found at the Jenkins Build Server (ci.cil.li)


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  1. I just set this up to control my 15 x 15 x 15 reactor with 61 control rods. Although it seems that Extreme Reactors has a bug that caps the steam generation at 2000 mB / t, which this thing gets to easily.
  2. @XyFreak How about adding power storage support for RFTools Powercells? Those are the only power storage system available on 1.11 that I know of (there may be others). RFTools does have built in computer support, so it shouldn't be all that difficult to add it in (famous last words there...).
  3. Somewhat on topic, there is a pure lua implementation of CBOR here.
  4. You might want to recheck the spelling of your title.
  5. MapUtils is a utility library for Adventure/Puzzle/Parkour/etc map makers that want to use OpenComputers to handle the logic behind the map. It is currently being developed, and is intended to have a large number of methods for easing the burden of map making. Methods include: Checking whether the player is within certain (cuboid) bounds Managing a player's inventory Placing/removing blocks Moving the player around More to come... This utility is currently being developed, and is not ready for use yet. I will post a link when I get further along with it. Also, submit your ideas for methods for this library.
  6. computronics

    A quick way to get the documentation of a function is to use the component.doc method. Here is a quick (and untested) script to use this function. local component = require("component") local args = {...} if #args ~= 2 then print("USAGE: getdoc <component address> <method name>") return end print(component.doc(args[1], args[2])) The script needs the UUID address of the component. There are other projects on these forums that allow viewing documentation. Take a look around for them.
  7. @gamax92 Certainly! Go ahead! EDIT: I'm going to update it to allow for mounting multiple paths, which is what PhysFS is designed for. EDIT2: Should be good now.
  8. I actually was able to get a PhysFS based server working correctly! It can be obtained from my Programs Repository.
  9. @gamax92 What about using Lua-PhysFS as a backend for a server? I may try to write my own server for this using that.
  10. Awesome! Hope the move goes well and nothing gets broken!
  11. Love it!
  12. Cool.
  13. Well, the error says the syntax is invalid, and it is. If you want to execute the message, then you need to do something like this: load(message1)() This loads the code and compiles it, then the empty parenthesis afterwards executes it.
  14. OpenKVS is a basic Key-Value store for OpenComputers, based off of the Tincan library. API: kvs.set(key, value) -- Sets a key-value pair. Returns the set value kvs.get(key) -- Gets the value for the specified key. Returns that value kvs.delete(key) -- Deletes the specified key-value pair. Returns nil kvs.exists(key) -- Returns true if the specified key exists. kvs.decr(key, amount) -- Decrements the specified numeric key by the specified amount, or 1 if not specified. kvs.incr(key, amount) -- Increments the specified numeric key by the specified amount, or 1 if not specified. kvs.load(file) -- Loads the specified file into the store kvs.save(file) -- Saves the store into the specified file Download: wget -f https://github.com/BrisingrAerowing/OC-Programs/raw/master/openkvs/openkvs.lua /lib/openkvs.lua
  15. Since you say the chest is on top of the transposer, you should use sides.top, not sides.south.