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Everything posted by Atoz

  1. the default section disappeared and was replaced one of the groups so now I have the same group twice and not it wont load
  2. if you do add it will I have to readd all my gate addresses
  3. hello I was wondering if we can add a search option to it so it will be easyer to find the gate address
  4. the iris wont work (when I send the iris code it says no response (I am close enough to the gate to have it(I even tried in my gateroom))
  5. when I try to get back the program freezes and computer is off
  6. the connection is blank (empty field) its when I dial to the gate with the program not from. Outgoing wormholes are fine just incoming wormholes are the issue. And I haven't used nexDHD since I didn't like it as much as yours
  7. Hello I was wondering my stargate always disactives immediately after I dial the gate with this program how do you fix it?
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