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  1. Xlaits


    I can't look at the code. Avast is telling me there's a virus on your website.
  2. Xlaits

    Server based password door lock

    Why not set it up using an coroutine to check for any computers listed in the MAC file once every so-and-so cycles?
  3. Xlaits

    Basic Wired Networking Protocol

    After a long debugging process, here is what has become of this code. It is FAR from perfect, but it works. So far, the only bugs I have seen are when sending and receiving, the cursor is super unreliable, and one one of my computers, it sends incomplete or broken messages. The port also remains listening, which I MAY OR MAY NOT have fixed. I'm unsure. I didn't to any new commenting, and I'll fix that when I have some time on my hands. For now, I'll give you the short of it. The program will first check for a file, /home/.uname.txt and if it exists, reads the first 16 bytes of it for the username. If it's not found, it will create it, and prompt the user for a username, which it writes in the newly created file. It still contains the Encryption methods, however it no longer prints the address of the computer it is receiving from. Instead, it prints a user readable <Username>: "Message" to the channel. I had to edit the quit codes to reflect this. I did realize later on that I would need to separate all the computers on the network, to prevent message feedback. I think I'm going to change that by making the receive event and it's print function check for the username, and refuse to print the feedback messages. Lemme know what you guys think, or if you can optimize my terrible, buggy code. local term = require("term") local component = require("component") local event = require("event") local m = component.modem local str="0" local userfile = "/home/.uname.txt" local fs = require("filesystem") local uname = fs.exists(userfile) -- determine what channel people want to listen on term.clear() if uname then local handler = fs.open(userfile) user = handler:read(16) handler:close() else term.write("You do not have a user profile. \n") term.write("Please enter a 16 character user name: ") local handler = fs.open(userfile, "w") handler:write(io.read()) local handler = fs.open(userfile) user = handler:read(16) term.write("\n Username set to " .. user .. ". \n") handler:close() end term.write("What channel do you want to chat on: ") local channel = io.read() m.open(tonumber(channel)) -- begin event function ModemFunction(_,_,from,port,_,message_) event.listen("modem_message", ModemFunction) -- decipher, and print local cipher = "1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm" local function decrypt(str) str = str:gsub("%d",function(a) return string.char(cipher:find(a,nil,true)+47) end) str = str:gsub("%l",function(a) return string.char(cipher:find(a,nil,true)+86) end) return str end if string.sub(tostring(message), 1, 9)=="encrypted" then str=tostring(message) message=decrypt(str) local strlngth=string.len(tostring(message)) message=string.sub(tostring(message), 10, strlngth) print(tostring(message)) else print(tostring(message)) end end -- send a message term.write("is this going to be encrypted? (yes/no) \n") -- register cipher local cipher = "1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm" local function encrypt(str) str = str:gsub("%d",function(a) a=a:byte()-47 return cipher:sub(a,a) end) str = str:gsub("%l",function(a) a=a:byte()-86 return cipher:sub(a,a) end) return str end -- determine whether encryption should be used local useEC=io.read() if useEC=="yes" then term.clear() term.write("Encryption activated \n") sleep(5) term.clear() end while true do str= user .. ": " .. io.read() if tostring(str)== user .. ": " .. "endme" then term.clear() event.ignore("modem_message", ModemFunction) os.exit() end if useEC=="yes" then str= user .. ": " .. encrypt(str) str="encrypted" .. " " .. str end -- send message m.broadcast(tonumber(channel), str) end
  4. Xlaits

    Basic Wired Networking Protocol

    This is almost exactly what I was looking for! However, I'm trying to make it so that a User can enter a username, and have it displayed when sending messages. I'm still a Script Kiddie when it comes to Lua, so I'm not sure how I can get this working easily. EDIT: I'm slowly improving this code into an easy to use, somewhat 'complete' chat program. The one thing I'm not sure how to do is make it so that a user's entered name shows up when a message is sent/received, instead of the computer's address. I may re-write initial questions to include asking for a username, or possibly checking for a file that has the user's set name in it. I will report back with results.
  5. Xlaits

    Help with events and coroutines

    -- Initialize local component = require("component") local term = require("term") local side = require("sides") local keyboard = require("keyboard") local event = require("event") local rs = component.redstone local batbox = component.cesu local board = component.keyboard --Toggle reactor function toggleBox() if rs.getOutput(side.top) > 0 then rs.setOutput(side.top, 0) else rs.setOutput(side.top, 15) end end -- main Loop local function main() --Store string for displaying information local info = [[ CESU Power Levels and Controls Energy Stored : %s CESU Capacity : %s Press Enter to toggle reactor. Press Back to return to OpenOS. ]] -- Program loop while true do --Put the cursor top left. term.setCursor(1, 1) --Retrieve and print information print( info:format(batbox.getStored(), batbox.getCapacity()) ) -- Check for event every second local e = table.pack(event.pull(1)) --Conditional If-Then-Else, Looking for specific keys, or interrupt. if e[1] == "key_up" and e[4] == keyboard.keys.enter then toggleBox() elseif e[1] == "interrupted" or e[1] == "key_up" and e[4] == keyboard.keys.back then break end end term.clear() -- # clean up after program. end --Start program main() And THIS is my final code. Love how it works, and seeing that IfThen statement makes me think that I can even expand how this program works! Thank you. Now... to make a better looking screen for it...
  6. Xlaits

    Help with events and coroutines

    I was JUST about to mention that it wasn't updating on it's own. Thanks for the fix.
  7. Xlaits

    Help with events and coroutines

    No, it's fine. Made me think. I like the storing of the printed line as a multi-line quote. And clearing the program's output is a nice touch. The term.clear() above main is NOT NEEDED, as the program will do that once main is run. Yeah, it's one line, but hey, efficiency. I also realized my idiotic mistake with the redstone power, and had fixed that while waiting. Great minds think alike, I suppose.
  8. Xlaits

    Help with events and coroutines

    It's not even reacting to the interrupt (Ctrl+C). It is NOT acting upon any events, at all. EDIT: Well, I found ONE problem... it's not updating the file when I save it in an external editor... Edit edit: Well, it's now producing an error when I Ctrl+Alt+C, but other than that, no change. Edit edit edit: Well, it DOES INDEED activate toggleBox() now, but that's on ANY key_up event, NOT on ENTER ONLY.
  9. Xlaits

    Help with events and coroutines

    If you look at the original code, it is checking for two specific keys. Backspace or "back" and Enter, to do two separate things. Let me see if this works, and how I can tweak it. EDIT: Swapped out main() with yours, and my functionality is still there, but it is STILL not reacting to key presses or events at all.
  10. Xlaits

    Help with events and coroutines

    I'm working on a small bit of code that reads from a IC2 power storage block and displays it's current and maximum storage. I also want it to toggle a Reactor based on either a keypress or a CLI menu option. As the code has to refresh a LOT, I think a keypress option is the easiest way, but I can't, for the life of me, figure it out. Here's what I have so far... os.execute("cls") -- Hook the component local component = require("component") local term = require("term") local side = require("sides") local keyboard = require("keyboard") local event = require("event") local rs = component.redstone local batbox = component.cesu local board = component.keyboard function toggleBox() if rs.getOutput(side.top) == 18 then rs.setOutput(side.top, 0) else rs.setOutput(side.top, 18) end end local function keyCheck() while true do e = event.pull(1, "key_up") if e == "enter" then toggleBox() elseif e == "back" then running = false end end end keyChecker = coroutine.create(keyCheck) function main() running = true while true do -- Get the tank information, results are in table format local tInfo = batbox local cap = tonumber(batbox.getCapacity()) local fill = tonumber(batbox.getStored()) -- Output as you want... a very simple way: print("CESU Power Levels and Controls") print("Energy Stored : "..fill) print("CESU Capacity : "..cap) print("\n Press Enter to toggle reactor.") print("Press Back to return to OpenOS.") term.setCursor(1,1) end end main() And yes, I now see the redundancy of having "cls" there, when I have 'term.setCursor(1,1)' there... What is it that I am missing?

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