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Posts posted by XyFreak

  1. Hi @MarkusPriska

    Your turbines propably have more coil blocks in them than they should have. Please double check your turbine design.

    As for the freezes, that's most likely a deadlock in extreme reactors. Afaik @ZeroNoRyouki is already looking into it. I don't know if the issues has been fixed. For startest, please try upgrading to the latest version of ER. If you already are on the latest version, then I'm afraid there is no fix just yet :(

  2. 18 hours ago, John T. said:

    through experimentation the last few days I have found that when you make changes to your system ie. change the coil size of a turbine or the dimension or makeup of your reactor it's best to break and replace all computer ports so the open computer can "recalibrate" the system. I added a turbine, I also increased the reactor by 2 blocks in height and the turbines never got up to speed and the control rods of the reactor were all over the place until I broke and replaced all ports thus giving them new "IP" addresses which in turn forced the computer to recalibrate :). Hope this helps someone :) 

    Or you can just remove /etc/br_control.cfg

    Or you can use brgcctrl;)

    But yes you are right, if you make changes to the system you have to somehow recalibrate it.

  3. "Independent" makes the grid controller not controll that turbine. The turbine will then be self-regulating and slowing up / down depending on the internal energy buffer (the target is 50%). While this works extremely well, it's not as efficient as having the turbine be turned on/off by the grid controller. If you intend to build a turbine and not add it to your main power-grid, however, you can use this mode to make it happen.

  4. hm? in a 7x7x16 you have 32 blocks of ludicrite, resulting in a 4 deep coil, then you use a double layer of blades on the rotor, resulting in a 10 deep blade assembly with 80 blades (more blades are useless). Add 2 blocks for the casing on each end and you get a 16 deep / high turbine.

  5. I personally prefer 7x7x16 so i can fit them into a chunk however i want, but that's just personal preference really. That's up to you. Your reactor should be fine. If i understood your reactor design correctly, your reactor can sustain 11 turbines. You've got some headroom there :P

  6. @John T. 37 ludicrite is too much. 32 is the max you should use. That's propably the reason you can't get your turbine up to speed.


    Just to clarify, ludicrite has a much higher pull on the rotor so you can't just substitute enderium blocks with ludicrite ;)

  7. On 11.4.2018 at 9:37 PM, JacobTOG said:

    I get this error! Didnt edit or anything. Tried re-downloading.

    You wrote http://xymp.tenyx.de/standalone/brgc_installer.lua instead of http://xypm.tenyx.de/standalone/brgc_installer.lua

    What you downloaded was a 404 error page ;)

  8. I don't see anything wrong, no. "waiting for server" usually means that you have tickrate problems. If your server keeps spamming the exception you posted earlier tho, this would explain why your tps is basically non-existing ;).

    We'll have to wait for Zero to show up so he can take a look at the extreme reactors code as your pastebin points towards there being a problem.

  9. @Will135 you're most likely seeing a limitation to what the API can handle for rftools. I'll look into it but it's extremely likely, that I can't fix it. For the capacitor bank you literally just need that mod installed. Afterwards just use an OC adapter as you did with rftools.

  10. @Draaven that issue is actually related to the old version of the ER API, you will have to upgrade ER (to or higher) in order to fix this issue if you want to computer control ER stuff. Personally I only managed to reproduce this issue with turbines but I guess it can happen with pretty much anything.

  11. Currently there are no plans to do that. Fun fact: the installer already downloads packets but it doesn't actually act as packet manager.

    The whole thing originally emerged from my "xypm" which was able to get packets from the internet tunneling everything over OC network and allowing computers without internet cards to ... install packets (as long as there is a computer on said network with an internet card). My plan is to revive that but...heh.. dunno when.

  12. Just update lol, as you can see the issue will be fixed in the next OpenComputers dev build so no need to report it anymore. The BRGC update includes a hack that makes it work for now.

    EDIT: Alternatively you could change your CPUs mode to Lua 5.2 but .... I fear I have more 5.3 related bugs in my code due to behaviour changes (like the format one) so... the more ppl use 5.3 here the more of those bugs are found so that's a plus.

  13. I'll make it official now.

    Big Reactors Grid Control Version 4.3.1 has been released!


     - Now using the new ER API ( and higher). Old API is still supported.
     - Implemented further mitigations for the "too long without yielding" issues.
     - Included a hack/workaround for a bug with OpenOS 1.7.1 (and earlier) and Lua 5.3 mode.
     - Fixed a bug where attempting to format a number as an integer (illegal in Lua 5.3 mode).

    I'm sorry for abusing some of you as beta testers ;)

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