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  1. No, you put the local path to a file. If it's a remote path, like HTTP, you have to download it first.
  2. I'm not focusing on APIs myself - the viewers are provided as part of the source code distribution and I'd love if someone turned them into a proper API! Anyhow, CTIF 0.2.0 is out! It improves the image rendering quality a bit (especially on "tier 2" - sadly, at the cost of performance) and makes usage of OpenComputers's higher resolutions (160*50 is only an area, not the actual maximum size).
  3. Use Lua 5.3, by shift-rightclicking the CPU until the Architecture is set tothat.
  4. Actually, you should use the OpenComputers 1.6 beta. Prior versions have a slightly sub-optimal font.
  5. I've spent a fair amount of time trying to get the maximum image quality out of OpenComputers. It all began with BTM15's quick need for a presentation tool, giving us 160x100 at 256 colors - not a huge accomplishment, but a start. BTM16 later brought us 320x100 with adaptive palettes - better, but still not quite there. Recently, I have started working on it again, and thanks to a mini-competition between me and GreaseMonkey I managed to arrive at something rather high quality - the ChenThread Image Format, complete with its own CTIFConverter. It is 320x200, thanks to the new font's block-based nature of the Braille area of Unicode. (It also supports a 160x100 @ 16 color mode for OpenComputers' Tier 2 mode.) The converter, source code and reference viewer is available here. Keep in mind that, as this is a reference viewer, it will not be as fast as it could be - it does no GPU call optimizations whatsoever beyond the simplest ones. I will try to release a better version later. Here's an example of the quality you can get out of this:

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