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Yuon Survival - 1.7.10 OC + other tech and magic mods Server

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Yuon Survival is a 1.7.10 Custom Modpack Survival server looking for players!


Custom Modpack: The modpack is custom designed around a good balance of tech and magic to open as many options as possible!

Balanced Rules: Beyond some rules to prevent extremes, the server is open to many different play styles to foster a wide community.

Online 24/7: Hosted on a professional server to ensure maximum uptime

Whitelisted to ensure the safety of all players

Clean Map: While the map has been around for a while, it is virtually untouched


If you have questions or want to join, feel free to respond to this thread or join #yuonsurvival on irc.esper.net


Server IP:

ModPack : https://goo.gl/5knI8U

Mod List: https://goo.gl/bXmAVb

IRC: irc.esper.net channel #yuonsurvival

Discord: https://discord.gg/uAKet

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