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shop-system based on OC, enderio, TE, AE

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I tried to program a shop-system in OC with the help of enderio, TE and AE storage system.


It works like this: one player has his OC-PC and can use that to access the OC-Server in the Shop to buy/sell things. The items are being send/received with a tesseract that belongs to the shop owner. In the shop the system is distributed on 4 systems.

I add a few pictures on my github: https://github.com/kevinkk525/OC-tools/issues/1

Sadly the code is not completely done. The shop owner /server part is almost complete and works perfectly. Items can be bought and sold. Just the energy rental is not implemented but the setup is ready to support it.

But on the client side I do have nothing. I just tested the client side like a console program and that worked quite good.

The server can also include a banking system if you want to. it's just a library to import. The shop uses my other libraries modem-handler and request-handler. I programmed the GUI-API for usage in the client.

So if anybody wants to continue/finish the development feel free to clone the project or ask me for help in understanding the code and building the setup. It is quite complicated and the pictures are sadly not up to date. But if anybody wants to continue the development I will build a working setup.

All the important files are in my github.

Mainly registrations.lua for the registration server that is like a DNS-server in the internal network.

shopAPI.lua, shopHost.lua,

switch.lua: handles tesseracts and capacitors

export.lua: handles the export/import of items


I know this is quite complicated and I do not provide detailed information. But if someone is really interested in continuing this project, i will have a closer look at my code and explain everything to him until he fully understands what i was doing.




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