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[Suggestions] My New Detailed Suggestions

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“Make it a realistic mod Projectâ€

OPENComputer updates suggestions (HARDware)



          ITEM or BLOCK:           MOTHERBOARD (Like the tier 1 to tier creative servers)

          BEHAVIOR:                   Acts like a server but inserted on a computer case and only can be inserted per case.                                           FUNCTION:                  (1) The heart of the computer; (2) Slots for CPU, RAM, Storage and other                                                               CATEGORY:                 Computer (basically Personal Computer)

          SPECS:                         ITS ALL UP TO YOU

2.       TYPE of UPDATE:        ADDITION

           ITEM or BLOCK:         LAPTOP                                      

          BEHAVIOR:                  A Portable PC which can be use like a tablet, handheld (no world placement) or as a Computer, (need                                                       to be place and use, you can get it again)

          FUNCTION:                 Portability PC which can be bought all around the world

                                              TABLET DIFFERENCES: FASTER THAN TABLETS

                                              COMPUTER DIFFERENCES: WEAKER THAN PC but Portable


ITEM or BLOCK:               COMPUTER CASE

BEHAVIOR:                       The shield of the motherboard, power supply, cooler and more.

FUNCTION:                       (1) It protects the Motherboard (2) Casing

CATEGORY:                      Personal Computer

4.       TYPE OF UPDATE:         ADDITION

ITEM or BLOCK:               Power supply

BEHAVIOR:                       A bit noisy, cooling the computer case

FUNCTION:                       It cools the Computer case from inside.

CATEGORY:                      Personal Computer

Tier 1:                                   FAN COOLER

Tier 2:                                   LIQUID COOLER



5.       TYPE of Update:              ADDITION

ITEM or BLOCK:               Solid-State Drive

BEHAVIOR:                       STORING, READING, WRITING FILES – Tier 2 and above Storage Slots

FUNCTION:                       READS, WRITES Files in a fast way


6.      Type of Update:               Modification

Item or Block:                   Hard Disk Drive

Behavior & Function:     Storing Reading, Writing Files

Modification:                    Slower than SSDs

7.       Type of Update:               Modification
Item or Block:                   Graphics Card

Modifications:                  (1) More Graphics Cards per tier (More Specs) (2) Multi-GPU Support

                                                (SLI or CROSSFIRE Support)

Program Request:           Graphics Card Control Panel (Nvidia, Intel HD Graphics, AMD type)

Program Function:         Easier to change settings on Graphics

Link of Request:               http://https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/813-suggestions-my-program-suggestions-for-my-requested-updates-on-opencomputer/


8.       Type of Update:               Modification

Item or Block:                   Central Processing Unit


Different CPUs for Tablets (Weaker than Laptop Tier 3 Only)                                              

Different CPU for Laptop (Weaker than PC Tier 3 Only)                                               

Different CPU for PC (Weaker than Server)                                               

Different CPU for Servers (Strongest of All)                                             

MULTI-CORE SUPPORTED                                                

BRING BACK Multi-Processor (CPU Slots) Supported

9.      Type of Update:               Modification

Item or Block:                   Accelerated Processing Unit

Behavior:                            Tier 1 APU = Tier .5 CPU + Tier 0.5 GPU

                                                Tier 1.5 APU = Tier 1 CPU + Tier 0.5 GPU

                                                Tier 2 APU = Tier 1.5 CPU + Tier 0.5 GPU

                                                Tier 2.5 APU = Tier 2 CPU + Tier .5 GPU

                                                Tier 3 APU = Tier 2 CPU + Tier 1 GPU

Modification:                    Different APUs for Tablet (Tier 1 to Tier 3) Weaker than Laptop

                                                Different APUs for Laptop (Tier 1 to Tier 3) Weaker than PC

                                                Different APUs for PC (Tier 2 to Tier 3) Weaker than Server

                                                Different APU for Server (Tier 1 to Tier 3) Strongest of ALL

                                                Multi-Core Supported

                                                Multi-Processor (CPU Slots) Supported

                                                Multi-GPU Supported (If above is supported)

10.   Type of Update:               Addition

Item or Block:                   Range Extender

Function:                            Adding Range for Access Points




11.    Type of Update:               Modification

Item or Block:                   Monitor

Modification:                    Monitor support Extended, or Projector Type (Extended and Projector Type Supports on tier 2 and 3 GPUs)

Program Request:           Graphics Card Control Panel (Nvidia, Intel HD Graphics, AMD type)

Program Function:         Easier to change settings on Graphics

Link of Request:               http://https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/813-suggestions-my-program-suggestions-for-my-requested-updates-on-opencomputer/


12.   Type of Update:               Addition

Item or Block:                   Sound card and Speaker

Function:                            Sound card helps on music playback and sound processing

                                                Speaker produce the processed music

13.    Type of Update:               Addition

Item or Block:                   Projector (2D Non-Hologram)

Function:                            Produce and Outputs Video

Behavior:                            Projects until range of 20 Blocks, wall project type

14.   Type of Update:               Addition

Item or Block:                   Wireless Monitor

Function:                            Monitor Function

Behavior:                            Wireless Receiving Monitor

Needed Item:                    Wireless GPU

Function:                            Transmit Wireless Data to Wireless Monitor

Behavior:                            Supports only at GPU Tier 2 but weaker like Tier 1

15.   Type of Update:               Addition and Modification
Item or Block:                   Redstone Card

Tier # Addition:                3 (Wireless Redstone Transceiver)

Behavior:                            Limit Range of 50 Blocks radius and Support Different Channels

Function:                            Transmit and Receives Wireless Redstone Signals
Needed Block #1:           OepnRedstone Receiver (Your own Redstone Receiver)

Function:                            Receives Signal Outputs to Redstone Wires

Needed Block #2:           OpenRedstone Transmitter (Your own Redstone Transmitter)

Function:                            Transmit Signal Inputs from Redstone Wires

Mod Support:                    Wireless Redstone Chicken Bones Edition

Program Needed #1:     Wireless Redstone Open Control Panel (The name of your Redstone version)

Program Function:         Turns on or off Signal on different channel of your wireless redstone version

Program Needed #2:     Wireless Redstone CBE Control Panel (Chicken Bone’s Edition Control Panel Program)

Function:                            Turns on or off signal on different channel of CBE Version of Wireless Redstone)



16.   Type of Update:               Addition of Tier

Item or Block:                   Floppy Disk

Tier # Added:                    2

Tier # Item or Block:      Compact Disk ReWritable

Behavior:                            Using Laser Reader Type

Function:                            Storing of Files of until 700 KB

Needed Block:                  Compact Disk Writer and Reader (Tier 3 PC and Motherboard has built-in reader only)

Tier # Added:                    3

Tier # Item or Block:      Universal Serial Bus – Flash Disk

Behavior:                            Fast and non-laser type

Function:                            Various of Flash Disk Memory

                                                (512 kB – 64 MB)

Needed Block:                  External USB Slots (Tier 2 PC and Motherboard has built-in Slots)

Tier # Added:                    3.5

Tier # Item or Block:      OpenComputer Card Disk

Similar TO:                         Micro SD Card

Behavior:                            Tablet External Storage

Function:                            Storing Data with Various Memory Storage (1 MB – 128 MB)

Needed Block:                  Motherboard of Tablet has built-in OpenComputer Card Disk Slot

                                                For PC, needs OpenComputer Card Slot

Tier # Added:                    4

Tier # Item or Block:      E-HDD

Similar TO:                         Hard Disk Drive

Behavior:                            Extra Storage USB Type

Function:                            Storing More than USB Capabilities with Various of Capacity (64 MB to 1 GB)

Tier # Added:                    4.5

Tier # Item or Block:      E-SSD

Similar TO:                         Solid State Drive

Behavior:                            Faster Digital Efficient Storage

Function:                            Faster than E-HDD but Lower Capacity (32 MB – 512 GB)


17.    Type of Update:               Addition

Block or Item:                    Internet Block, ISP Block or Modem Block

Function:                            it is a modem which connects to the internet

Needed Card:                    Internet Card (For me: Network card is only needed if this is implemented)

Needed Program:           Program Downloader (Pastebin.com)

                                                Internet Browser

                                                Youtube Player




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Let me make this post readable (no really this looks absolutely awful in my browser - use the "code" tags if you're going to do something like this post):


Note, I could only make about a third of it readable as after that point I just gave up where it started to get inconsistent.


This is OpenComputers. It is not OpenPCs. Not every computer is a PC.

I would say that the computer that most of your friends use all the time does not resemble a PC at all.

It's called a "smart phone", or as I like to call it, a "surprisingly fast yet nigh unusable sack of crap that fits in your pocket".

What do you expect to be added next, Windows? That will never happen.

If any Windows version does get ported it'll be one that you've never used. (Hint, the name will probably end in "for Workgroups".)

#1 & #2:

There's no need to have a laptop when we already have tablets.

What would a laptop even add?

You can't really say "this goes faster" - the support isn't there. Even if it was, it's in the CPU, not the case.

While having a motherboard might sound intuitive, there's no real need to take this approach when we already have a server rack.


Depends on #1.


Isn't this assumed to already be part of the case?

Really, what does this actually add, other than an unnecessary step?

Furthermore, not all computers have fans in them.

By the way, what defines a power supply? It provides power.

The fan does not define the power supply, and the power supply is not the only thing that can provide a fan.

With that said, I'll illuminate the first actually usable idea I've managed to scrape out of here:

Idea #1: Make it possible for components to get hot, and to provide ways to cool components.

The best punishment for this for a Lua CPU would be to make the CPU skip ticks.

For a more conventional CPU you could slow down reads/writes.

#5 & #6:

#6 is redundant and really should be part of #5.

#5 has been proposed before. It's also something I would benefit from (the Linux kernel isn't small).

Either way, I might as well isolate this idea:

Idea #2: Add SSDs - disks that have fast access speeds.


It's possible to have multiple GPUs already. It's kinda cheating, but it does improve rendering speed.

The catch of course is that in multiplayer games it stresses the server's connection even more.

It does not need to be called "SLI" or "Crossfire" and to be blunt it never should be called that.

If you want that control panel, that is your responsibility. I'm not making that for you.


Coming up with a buttload of different CPU items is just going to confuse matters without actually providing anything useful.


I had this idea a few days ago and was considering posting it as a joke.

It turns out it's not actually as bad as I thought, but to be blunt it's completely unnecessary.

Of course, nothing other than insufficient programming skill is stopping you from making a mod for OC that adds an SMP core.

But what is it going to do, call coroutine.yield more often?

Multi-core CPUs don't make sense in Lua.

As for a "real" CPU, it's a pain in the arse to emulate unless you only emulate it loosely by running two emulator cores in different threads.

There's a reason I was going to post this proposal as a joke.

As for having two CPUs in the same computer... it's kinda pointless when you can just get two computers and connect them to the same component network.


More item spam for the purpose of fulfiling some urge to level up. Are you sure you don't play games on Facebook?


And out of the blue, an idea that might actually be useful:

Idea #3: Some way to extend the range of wireless things?

It's a bit vague though, so you'll have to explain further.


Please take your graphics control panel idea and stick it where the sun don't shine.

With that out of the way... what the heck IS an extended monitor anyway?

And with THAT out of the way... the next good idea:

Idea #4: Projectors!

It'll be kinda hard to pull off though. I was thinking that some sort of shadowing algorithm would work, but it would be better and much faster to just make a polygon mesh on the fly.


One word: Computronics.

Yes, this one exists... sort of. For sound there are a few "sound cards" e.g. MassSound that you could try.

They're all extra mods though. To be blunt, OC doesn't really need them built in.


See #11.


If you want a wireless GPU, set up an extra computer and write a program to relay GPU commands.


As this idea depends on some crap written by ChickenBones, this is a mod you'll want to write yourself.

Once again, if you want control panels for everything, write them yourself.

The rest of us will be happy with a CLI.


A 720KB floppy disk would be nice (NOT 700KB THAT'S NOT A VALID FLOPPY DISK SIZE).

A read-only high-capacity storage device would also be nice.

Otherwise you're just adding unnecessary crap in the name of "this resembles my PC more"


A YouTube player would stress the server's connections a bit too much.

Also, video decoding is hard.

Having said that, shameless plug, but it IS possible to make OC play video.

A general internet browser would be an interesting challenge. I'm not sure if there's one on oppm or the other package manager already.

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