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techTalk OpenComputers Server.

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A lot of users at a site I am an administrator on; http://tech-talk.ml, have requested that we make an official modded server. So I made one. You don't have to join techTalk to use the server. The servers modpack is based on FTB Tech World 2, and adds in OpenComputers and a couple extra mods.


The URL for the modpack is here:




The IP is:




Other rules:


  • You can have as many bases as you like. We recommend you use mystcraft intra-linking books for long distance travel.
  • The server is cracked, so all of our sites members can join.
  • Do not use mods not on the server.
  • Use common sense.
  • The rest of tech-talks rules apply on the server. Read them here: http://tech-talk.ml/viewtopic.php?f=137&t=1021
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Sounds like fun.
I'll check out the server soon.
I'm mk352

Just as a slight suggestion, should probably decorate post (screenies, some coloring, etc. I'm a topic-nazi.) and tell who is the admin, what's your minecraft username?

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