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  1. The idea for the "Official" Open Computers Server. We would come together and code, run factories, and most importantly of all have fun. I have no way of making this happen but if anyone wants to help go right ahead. The Mods Open Computers Computronics Railcraft (Only after a few bugs are fixed) Project Red core and integration Buildcraft Extra Utils (1.1.0k) Carpenters blocks Chisel Thermal Expansion Ender IO Mekanism (Fancy graphics disabled) AE2 Bibliocraft MFR Flux solar panel Custom NPCs (For currency) Trade Booth NEI Ender storage Pam's Harvestcraft FMB Factorization Feel free to c
  2. scj643 (for everything MC and the IRC) I'm 15.
  3. The allowing of "Illegal" Players would make people stay away. Since if you ban one of them they can switch account names.
  4. One Question: How do I set it up on the host.
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