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Server based passcode door lock

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Hi, I made a program that runs on a server and a client. I recommend running it on tier 2 computer, and don't run it on server, because it didn't work for me. I saw someone asking about something like this, so I wanted to make it. Can have use on multiplayer servers. I might make some improvements to the code, but you will know.

Pastebin codes: 

  • Server:    pastebin run SfKyUqbp
  • Client:     pastebin run 5YYjTeCs
  • Console: pastebin run yip2MK9h

Here is a video that I made(Ignore my slow brain, I don't speak English as my main language):

EDIT: Video is down for reasons.

In server.lua edit "pass", and if you are using console, in console.lua edit "pass" to anything you want to be your password.

Setup works with wireless network card.

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