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Can't request a file from a server


I'm trying to request a file from my webserver using wget but I get a 403 response, however when trying from my webbrowser I can get my file, moreover, my webserver isn't even requested

I don't have any blacklisted nor whitelisted url so i don't understand


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Your webserver likely blocks requests that don't have user agent headers (This is common with servers running mod_security on Apache, or... whatever the equivalent setup on NGINX is.)
I just checked wget.lua and it in fact does not send any user_agent header with the request. 

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Thanks, the problem was from cloudflare since i didn't made anything on nginx to reject invalid U-A, it does send some U-A tho (that's what cloudflare is saying) which are Java/1.8.0_333

But these were not passing cloudflare's browser integrity check. All fixed now thanks a lot

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