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OC 1.7.5 Released!

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OpenComputers version 1.7.5 has been released for MC Versions 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2 & 1.12.2 (NOTE: This will be the last version to support MC 1.11.2, future updates will continue to support 1.7.10, 1.10.2 & 1.12.2)


As always, remember to make a backup of your world.

Got an issue? Post it on the GitHub Issue Tracker or the support section of the forums.

Download on Curse.



New Features/Support

This will be the last version for Minecraft 1.11.2. Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.10.2, and 1.12.2 will keep receiving updates.

  • Added: Barcode reader upgrade! (AmandaCameron)
    • An Analyzer can now be installed in a Tablet as an upgrade.
    • Provides the barcode_reader component.
    • When clicking on a block with a tablet containing this upgrade, the tablet_use event will contain information the Analyzer would normally reveal.
    • This allows getting components' addresses into OC directly by clicking on blocks.
  • Added: Config option to set max signal queue size (default 256, the same as before).
    • Signals pushed to the computer when the queue is full are dropped.
  • Added: Allow different HTTP request methods in internet.request (the method to use is now the fourth optional argument).
  • Added: You can now install Angel Upgrades in drones (Minecraft 1.12 only).
  • Added: Chargers can now charge items in nearby players' inventories.
  • Added: Experience Upgrade now shows its level in its tooltip (Minecraft 1.12 only).
  • Added: Extended item information to Thaumcraft Essentia Jars on Minecraft 1.12 (seebs)
  • Added: Support for SimpleLogic bundled cables on Minecraft 1.12. (asiekierka)
  • Added: Re-added Wireless Redstone (ChickenBones Edition) support on Minecraft 1.12.
  • Misc: Hide bounding box wireframe on screens while not sneaking
  • Misc: More robot names.
  • Misc: Updated the chinese translation of the manual. (3TUSK, ZeroAurora, JackyWangMislantiaJnirvana)
  • Changed: Cleaned up some wording in the config file.
  • Changed: gpu.bind is now faster.
  • Changed: computer.pushSignal now accepts tables of simple key-value pairs, but not nested tables.
  • Changed: APU tiers now correspond to their CPU tiers.
  • Changed: Putting unmanaged hard drives into a Raid now forces them into managed mode along with wiping them.
  • Fixed: Robots being unable to use buckets.
  • Fixed: Fluid dupe bug that I will not explain to you.
  • Fixed: Tier 2 wireless network card not receiving wired messages.
  • Fixed: Return value of robot.swing when the block breaks too fast.
  • Fixed: Server racks not sending messages to mountables quickly enough.
  • Fixed: Relays not displaying traffic accurately.
  • Fixed: Relay message relaying issues.
  • Fixed: itemDamageRate config option set to 0 not working. (svitoos)
  • Fixed: Crash with hologram.copy.
  • Fixed: Geolyzer's isSunVisible.
  • Fixed: Crash with remote terminals.
  • Fixed: A Robot without inventory deleting the items it drops.
  • Fixed: too long without yielding sometimes not triggering when it should.
  • Fixed: Crash when blowing up a computer while code is running.
  • Fixed: Another fluid dupe bug that I will definitely not explain to you either. Stop asking.
  • Fixed: Available architectures not always being what they should be.
  • Fixed: Crashes in AE2 integration.
  • Fixed: The AE2 ME Interface part not having network control.
  • Fixed: AE2 ME cells not having all intended information on inspection. (wkalinin)
  • Fixed: Crash with AE2 when power usage is disabled.
  • Fixed: AE2 interface not being recognized as components when channels are disabled.
  • Fixed: Some AE2 integration not working on 1.7.10. (wkalinin)
  • Fixed: Another crash with AE2 when power usage is disabled.
  • Fixed: Specific AE2 integration being very slow.
  • Fixed: Crash with IC2 Classic.

OpenOS fixes/improvements

  • Fixed: Error related to installing OPPM.
  • Fixed: OpenOS timers being starved during blocking pulls.
  • Fixed: reset alias to reset the screen resolution to its maximum.
  • Fixed: Certain TCP connections in Network loot disk
  • Fixed: Various vt100 fixes
  • Fixed: Now errors properly on using print with bad __string metamethods

List of contributors

AmandaCameron, wkalinin,
LizzyTrickster, svitoos,
kchanakira, seebs,
3TUSK, ZeroAurora,

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