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Unrecoverable Error, Computer Halted on all systems


Hi! I am new to the OpenComputers mod and to LUA in general.

The OC version I am using is

Minecraft version 1.12.2

I have a Tier 3 Computer Case and Screen setup with these inside:

I have already installed OS and OPPM and it was working after that.

Everything was working before I logged off for the night (and I turned off the energy source for my computer and I shut the computer down by typing "shutdown").  Now that I am back in my server, I get the error: Unrecoverable Error, Computer Halted.

I had used the "shutdown" way to turn off my computer, and it would still turn on, but now it is not.

Not only my computer is not working, but my robot and Tier 1 computer too have ceased working.

Tier 3 Computer:




Tier 1 Computer:


Tl;dr , All machines have computer halted error even though they were working fine before I logged off.

Is there any way to fix this error besides making a new HDD and new robot?

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