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it looks like my password reader reads enter as a key...


I've been trying to make a simple password reader, but it just doesn't work...

Whenever I enter anything into the field,  another character will be added (in the form of an extra line break if pwchar is nil). At first, I thought the "dobreak" parameter would help, but all that does is print "incorrect" on the same line as the password...

local term = require("term")

local pw

term.write("enter password: ")
pw = (term.read(nil, false, nil, "*"))

if pw == "1234" then


I've also tried other importing other peoples' password readers, to the same effect, so it has occurred to me that this may be a bug in OC. According to my modlist, the version I'm using is MC1.12.2- And I'm using the FTB direwolf20 1.12 modpack from twitch, if you need the rest of my modlist.

This has frustrated me for hours now... any help would be appreciated.

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test things like `term.read()` in the lua shell, it'll help you see what is returned from it

io.read() does not return a newline (nor does io.stdin:readLine(true))

term.read() includes the newline in the return string (same as io.stdin:readLine(false)

local pw = (term.read({pwchar='*'}) or ""):gsub("\n$", "")


my use of {pwchar='*'} gets the same job done as your term.read(nil, false, nil, '*'), i just dont like the long param form of calling term.read



now, why is it this way? because it has been this way for years.

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