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Nuclearcraft Fission reactor


I was attempting to automate my fission reactor in order to increase my efficiency so it doesn't use fuel when the buffer is more than 3/4 of the max buffer size and when it is, to emit a redstone signal to the top of the redstone I?O port to turn it off until the buffer fell below 4000. as shown in the code below.




However this Error code constantly appears, and i am stumped.


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There are a couple errors. The first is that the `while` keyword must be lowercase. Also within the `while` loop the if statement is missing the `end` keyword. I believe you'll also need to require the libraries you need before using them in a definition.

local component = require "component"
local sides = require "sides"

local redstone = component.redstone
local reactor = component.nc_fission_reactor

local function GP()
  return reactor.getEnergyStored()

local mP, MP = 4000, reactor.getMaxEnergyStored()
local MMP, CP = (MP / 4) * 3, GP()

while CP > 0 do
  if CP > MMP then
    redstone.setOutput(sides.top, 15)
  elseif CP < mP then
    redstone.setOutput(sides.top, 0)
  CP = GP() -- # don't forget to update the variable value within the loop


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That helps greatly, as someone more used to python and PHP coding coming to lua has meant i tend to make these types of mistakes without realizing lol

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I suspected you might be coming from python :). You might be interested in moonscript. I made a simple patch that allows programs to use the shebang syntax in OpenOS i.e

for i = 1, 5
  print i unless i%2 == 0


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