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Run background process on openOs


I have a little lua script that checks time and sends a network package to turn off other computers. Is there a way I can run the script in background and continue using the computer as normal? 

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One way is to convert your script to run as an rc program. The other is to use threads from the thread library, see https://ocdoc.cil.li/api:thread.

Here's a simple example..

local thread = require "thread"
local proc = thread.create(os.execute, "/path/to/program")
proc:detach() -- # detach from current process


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You can also use event timers. Then you need a function to check and send your stuff.

local event = require "event"

local function dostuff()
  -- this is ur function that is doing stuff

local interval = 20		-- time in seconds between the runs of the function

event.timer(interval, dostuff, math.huge)	-- math.huge for infinite repeats

Or if you want to keep Skript as it is, you can use Molinko's approach with os.execute

Then your code would be:

event.timer(interval, function() os.execute("/path"), math.huge)


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