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Crafting Tutorial: Basic Tier 2 Computer in Hard recipe mode

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Hello everyone!

I made a tutorial for my server mates and myself, showing to them how to craft a basic Tier 2 Computer with all the necessary and recommended components in hard recipe mode. I did that because this recipe mode contains a lot of crafting steps, so I derived the most efficient way of crafting all the parts you need (with as few steps as possible). Also, the tutorial also shows all the basic materials required to get the Computer, so you know exactly when you are ready to craft it. Now I am posting this tutorial here in case anyone wants to use it. It might also be useful as an example for the difficulty involved in the hard recipe mode.

The tutorial consists of two parts, the first part shows how to craft a basic Computer, the second one covers specifically crafting the Internet Card (also including material list and all the crafting steps).


You can find the tutorial here.


I hope someone will find this tutorial useful. I would appreciate feedback on this, I might do more of these (for other recipe modes as well).



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