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OC 1.7.3 Released!

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OpenComputers version 1.7.3 has been released for MC Versions 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2 & 1.12.2


As always, remember to make a backup of your world.

Got an issue? Post it on the GitHub Issue Tracker or the support section of the forums.

Download on Curse.

New Features/Support

  • Misc: Greatly improved Lua execution speed (asiekierka)
    • That means OC now executes Lua code roughly 70% faster than before.
  • Misc: Improved Filesystem and block data saving performance
    • Saving computers to disk is now anything between 5 and 500 times faster than before, depending on your system. Maybe even more.
  • Added: The Net Splitter is now a net_splitter component
    • This allows using computers to connect and disconnect various parts of your network.
    • Make sure not to accidentally disconnect your controller!
  • Added: New feature for filesystems: Locked mode!
    • A locked filesystem is read-only and cannot be unlocked unless recrafted or its mode is switched between managed and unmanaged, either action wiping the drive.
    • The name of the player who locked it is shown in the tooltip, allowing authenticated sharing of data.
  • Added: Bundled redstone support for ComputerCraft (SquidDev)
  • Added: debug.getlocal and debug.getupvalue
    • They only return the name of the variable, and nothing else.
  • Added: isSunVisible, canSeeSky, and detect to geolyzers
  • Added: Allow using morse code patterns like .-. in computer.beep
  • Added: redstone component's setOutput can now accept values larger than 15
  • Added: Allow the keyboard to connect to screens in more ways than before, e.g. facing a side of the screen other than its front
  • Added: Readded Project Red support on Minecraft 1.12 (BrisingrAerowing)
  • Added: Driver for the Reactor Chamber from IC2
  • Added: Inventory GUI for the rack-mounted disk drives
    • Can be accessed either by clicking on the rack or by right clicking the drive in your inventory.
  • Added: getMerchantId to trade offers from the Trading Upgrade to help with sorting them
  • Added: Readded AE2 power support on Minecraft 1.12, meaning you can now power your computers directly off the ME network again.
  • Added: scanContentsAt to debug card
  • Added: More accessible information from Draconic Evolution items
  • Added: Waypoints can now be placed facing up or down
  • Added: You can now craft two linked cards together to link them to one another
    • This will unlink them from any previously connected Linked Card.
    • The link channel is also exposed as a property on the item that transposers etc. can read, meaning that you can easily manage multiple linked cards.
  • Added: Allow setFrequency on owned Ender Storage chests (payonel and amesgen)
  • Added: You can now trigger wake-on-LAN over Linked Cards
  • Added: chunkloaderDimensionBlacklist and chunkloaderDimensionWhitelist to config for (dis)allowing certain dimensions for the chunkloader upgrade
  • Added: disk_drive.media function that returns the address of the inserted floppy disk
  • Added: Forge Energy support to items
    • Battery upgrades, tablets, and hover boots can be charged in Forge Energy compatible devices
    • Battery upgrades also support power extraction, allowing them to recharge Forge Energy devices acting as normal batteries
  • Added: The Analyzer now reports the internal components of an Adapter block when right-clicked
  • Changed: redstone_changed event for bundled signals
    • Now includes the colour that changed, and only reports the old and new values for that colour
  • Changed: The order in which cases are filled with components is now based on the slot tiers
  • Changed: OpenComputers is now a lot more quiet in the server log. (kmecpp)
  • Changed: robot.suck, robot.suckFromSlot, and transposer.transferItem return values
    • Instead of true, they now return the number of transferred items on success.
  • Changed: Use less annoying particles for nanomachines
  • Changed: Increased default number of platters in an (unmanaged) Tier 3 Hard Drive from 6 to 8
    • You will have to update an existing config yourself by changing hddPlatterCounts.
  • Misc: Improved cable rendering (SquidDev)
  • Misc: Robot inventories should now be compatible with even more modded inventory manipulation things
  • Misc: Robot Crafting (the Crafting Upgrade) should now be compatible with even more modded recipes
  • Misc: Screens should now stop working a lot less on server restarts etc. and be generally a lot more robust
  • Misc: Robot swing and use should now be a lot more robust and work with a lot more modded items like Hammers and Bows from Tinkers' Construct
  • Misc: Robot tank interactions should now work well with a wide range of modded tanks.
  • Misc: Improved chunkloader upgrade (svitoos)
    • Chunkloaders are now allowed in Microcontrollers.
  • Misc: Added more unicode glyphs to font (asiekierka)
  • Misc: The default Lua EEPROM now uses less RAM
  • Fixed: Inventory loss during minecraft server crashes
  • Fixed: Crash when placing microcontroller
  • Fixed: Allow the robot to swing at anything that would block its movement
  • Fixed: oc_nanomachines or oc_nm command not always working on servers
  • Fixed: Item duplication bug involving robots and voodoo magic
  • Fixed: Robot move commands not always actually returning whether the robot really moved or not
  • Fixed: Forcing the use of the LuaJ architecture not forcing the use of the LuaJ architecture
  • Fixed: transferItem checking the wrong side (cyb0124)
  • Fixed: "Unknown error" when transfering fluid to certain machines
  • Fixed: Item duplication bug involving drones and Wither voodoo magic
  • Fixed: Potential error with IC2 on launch
  • Fixed: Robots eating items they shouldn't eat when crafting
  • Fixed: Angel Upgrade not doing the one job it had
  • Fixed: Robots being really bad at trading with villagers. They were sent to business school so now they are a lot better at it.
  • Fixed: Robots forgetting how to move
  • Fixed: Item duplication bug involving robots and drones doing shady business with one another
  • Fixed: Network floppy disk not installing
  • Fixed: Fluid duplication bug involving robots being bad at draining fluids
  • Fixed: Drones getting funky after a wake-on-LAN
  • Fixed: Weird item update glitches involving robots and certain blocks like AE2 Interfaces
  • Fixed: Item duplication bugs involving EEPROMs' desire to behave like quantum particles
  • Fixed: Various fixes to AE2 integration
    • slot parameter in exportIntoSlot of the Export Bus is now an optional parameter
  • Fixed: Crash with Applied Llamagistics
  • Fixed: Crashes when you try to spawn computers by... unconventional means
  • Fixed: Setting enableNanomachinePfx to false in the config not actually doing anything
  • Fixed: When a robot gains experience, it now properly triggers modded effects that happen on XP Orb pickup
  • Fixed: Confusing Analyzer reports on computers that are shut down
  • Fixed: Microcontrollers now properly shutting down internal components
  • Fixed: Leash upgrade erroring for addon developers (josephcsible)
  • Fixed: World Sensor Card crafting recipe on Minecraft 1.10 and above
  • Fixed: Client crash involving cables and chunk loading (thiakil)
  • Fixed: Tablet screen freezing on certain events
  • Fixed: Terminal servers not properly connecting their Remote Terminals
  • Fixed: Lightning issues with ShaderMod (paulhobbel)

OpenOS fixes/improvements

  • Added: reset command that clears the screen and resets the resolution to maximum
  • Added: rc errors are now being logged to /tmp/event.log
  • Added: -f option to cp
  • Added: aliases as part of tab complete in shell
  • Added: devfs psuedo files can now be zero-size
  • Added: Allow processes to handle hard interrupts
    • The process metadata now contains a signal field that is triggered on hard interrupts
  • Added: Support for \b and \r characters to tty
  • Added: Cut and Uncut to edit (AntiBlueQuirk)
    • Ctrl+K to cut, Ctrl+U to insert a line
  • Misc: tty and cursor logic separated, reducing memory cost for custom cursor behavior with term options
  • Misc: Improved command substitution, now more like Linux sh
  • Misc: less is now the program used for man
  • Fixed: Various vt100 fixes
  • Fixed: Processes now close file handles on exit
  • Fixed: Autorun on read-only filesystems
  • Fixed: Crash in edit

List of contributors

payonel, Vexatos,
asiekierka, SquidDev,
kmecpp, BrisingrAerowing,
cyb0124, svitoos,
AntiBlueQuirk, josephcsible,
amesgen, thiakil, paulhobbel

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