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How do I navigate the terminal


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The easiest way to fix your problem is to upgrade your graphics card to either tier 2 or 3 in order to increase the resolution and thus allow more characters to be displayed on your screen.

Another fix would be to type this code in your terminal:

os.sleep(0.5)  for k,v in pairs(component.robot) do print(k,v) event.pull("key_up")  end

 This will print out each entry of the table and the value it's stored under every time you press and release a key, and would probably work for any other table.

You could also check out the code in the following pastebin [https://pastebin.com/5qB1UkZf], or run it directly in your OpenComputer computer with pastebin get and as input type robot.

If you have other questions or if you want me to explain something about what I wrote, what the individual functions do or if I didn't answer your question feel free to send me a private message. I feel OpenComputers is very poorly documented, at least for people with no experience in programming prior to ComputerCraft or OpenComputers like myself, so I'd be more than happy to help you out with the few things I do understand.

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New working code added

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Our `components` command line program can help too. It lists components attached to the system, but you can pass an argument to filter the results to components that match the name you ask for, and that can be a partial match too

`components file`

will list all `filesystem` components. Also, you can get the "long" output, which prints the methods and method documentation string

`component robot -l`

Which prints the robot component and its methods


Now, this can fill up more than a screen's worth of output, you can pipe to `less` and scroll up and down to read the text

`component robot -l | less`


On older versions of OpenOS, our `less` program was a bit buggy. Sorry about that.  Update if you can, it works very well now. If you are unable to update, you can also redirect the output of commands to a file for reading with `edit`

`component robot -l > /tmp/robot-methods.lua`

And then open the file for reading:

`edit /tmp/robot-methods.lua`


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