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advancedLoader - Better BIOS

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This BIOS allows you to choose the boot device by either using the arrow keys or clicking/touching the monitor.

When using the keyboard use Enter to boot, when using clicking/touching click an unselected entry to select it, click a selected entry to boot it.

If there is only one bootable medium, that medium is autobooted.

The default selected option is the last booted device.

This supports booting from filesystems, using /init.lua as an entry point or from drives(HDDs or Floppys in unmanaged mode), by loading code from the first sector until the first \0 character appears as lua code. (From what I've seen unmanaged drives are mostly ignored in OC, which is kinda sad.)



To install: (This file contains the code needed to flash the BIOS as well as the BIOS code itself, it will ask before flashing it to the EEPROM)

pastebin run Cx4aTipt


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25 minutes ago, noahthegame said:

i allways forget how EEPROMS and OS's works a bios seach for any filesystem that have the file /init.lua right?

The default Lua bios boots by running init.lua on a filesystem. It first tries to boot from the filesystem which address is stored in the EEPROM data. If it can't find init.lua on that file system or init.lua code causes errors while being loaded it goes through all filesystems and boots the first one it can find with /init.lua on it

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On 8/21/2018 at 8:44 PM, ProgrammingRules said:

I really want to turn off a computer with this running...

Sorry for some reason I didn't get any notification of your reply.

What are you using to shutdown your computer? Using the shutdown program of OpenOS works perfectly fine.

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