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Problem with threads


Hello, Im currently working on a programm to controll SGCrafts stargates.

Im trying to run multiple operations:

* Reading inputs from User

* check for an open connection (and send a redstone signal it it connected)

But its not working.

thread = require("thread")

function check()
	while(true) do
		-- Check and manage the signal

function userInput()
	while(true) do
		-- Process inputs


What is the Problem? When I start the first loop the other wont get started. (The same problem with coroutines)

So my Questions:

1) Is there any way to get this working?

2) (if not) is there any way to process code while waiting for an userinput via io.read()?


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Lua is single threaded. Meaning that only one chunck of code can ever run at a time. Coroutines are considered co-operative in that they yield to allow others to compute before they themselves finish. The idea is that we can do a little work we need right now and do it quickly, then yield so others can do the same, hence co-operative. Threads are fancy coroutines, but they are still limited to cooperation, so they must yield if you wish to begin another. Use term.read or io.read or os.sleep.... etc. 

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