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How to connect several computers to some shared components without them seeing each other's components


I have some components that should be shared between several computers (Card Writer, RAID...) so that they all could use them. When i connect computers to them, they are getting connected to each other and see each other's screen, keyboard etc. How to make them see only shared components and not components of other computers?

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I'm not sure component networks can be shared that way because of the problem you mentioned. Component networks are usually separated by a relay or a power distributer. If you want to call components remotely, on a separate network, you can try using a client server approach. Server 'offers' access to components. Client can connect and remote call component methods... Yadayada

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10 hours ago, EntityinArray said:

Server is expensive but ok, thanks

It's not that you need an actual 'server' but 1 of a pair of programs that acts the role of server. The 'client' can send a message to a 'server' to request that it(the server) calls a component method. The server then sends the result of that call back to the client. Presto, the client is using components on a separate network. Let me know if this isn't clear...

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