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Failing to bind GPU to screen


I am working on a project that uses 2 screens and one GPU per screen.  My code selects each component by its address.  But when I try to bind a gpu to a screen I get the error: attempt to call field 'bind' (a nil value).

local component = require("component")
local term = require("term")
local gpu = component.get("3085")
local screen = component.get("40c6")


I have verified that the addresses are correct and I have tried to assign the components to their full addresses.  I'm sure my mistake is pretty simple.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Your error is indeed pretty simple. The method component.get returns the full address of a component, which is a string, not an object(table) with methods. In OC it's called a component proxy. Try this out and feel free to ask more questions either in this thread or via PM.

local component = require("component")
local term = require("term")
local gpu_address = component.get("3085") -- # this returns the components full address from an abbreviated one
local screen_address = component.get("40c6")

local gpu = component.proxy( gpu_address ) -- # get a 'proxy' to the gpu component
gpu.bind( screen_address ) -- # call .bind from the proxy


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