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MCMessaging - No more network headaches - send messages over HTTP!

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Ever find setting up a network of computers to be a hassle? Too much distance between them? Perhaps you want to secure your communications against would-be hackers on the server, or be able to communicate with your friends/computers on another server, for that matter.

Introducing MCMessaging!


A full-blown solution to sending messages to other OpenComputers (ComputerCraft coming soon) over the current internet. Why reinvent the wheel with these silly networks when we already have a massive infrastructure spanning outside of the game? Stop dealing with the knitty-gritty details of being a network administrator and get back to building cool programs! I designed the lib to be simplistic, yet secure. Message me if you have any questions as I'm still learning how to make great documentation :) 

For all the files needed to get this running: https://github.com/gknova61/MCMessaging

For setup instructions and getting started, refer to the README here: https://github.com/gknova61/MCMessaging/blob/master/README.md

Security: Since this is communicating over the internet, the attack vectors are the normal interweb ones + server admins with a packet sniffer. Everything is sent in plaintext as most REST applications. However, my main goals in terms of security have been satisfied:

1. Stop people from intercepting/replaying traffic in-game

2. Stop one computer from pretending to be another (this is only as strong as the password you set and the way it is stored client-side, if it is stored)

Note for the server I have setup: Everything you need to setup your own server to run this is on the Github repo. I will also host a demo server, which is the default server in the [typed]messages.lua[/typed] library. With that being said, in the platform's current state (spam protection not planned as it would be almost infeasible without too much user headaches), it is relatively easy to spam and overload a server by sending millions of messages. If my demo server gets abused, I will either have to add spam protection, or more likely, take it down altogether. tl;dr don't ruin pretty things, and we will have pretty things!

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