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Heavy Cat

Boot Help


(I know i have been asking for a lot of help, but i just have no experience except for what i have been told)

i am making a program that put's a password requirement on booting the computer.

i have a problem however

my program now works, but i cant get it to work correctly on boot

the problem is, i cant seem to get it to boot right. it just doesn't run when i reboot the computer.

i have tried naming it autorun.lua and nothing happened

i tried putting it in the boot folder. the pc crashed. (probably because the program took user input)

so idk what to do

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2 answers to this question

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Steps to get a program to run when you restart the computer:

1. reboot the computer.

2. type 

edit .shrc

3. Add there the full path of the file, eg


Ask if you still have problems.

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