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OETF #10 - Open Host Configuration Protocol

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OETF #10 - OHCP - simple DHCP/BOOTP like protocol for host auto configuration.

1. Protocol

This is specification for a binary data frame(a Lua string), sent over OETF #7 protocol with protocol number 0xCF.

BYTE 0              | BYTE 1                   | DATA                       | BROADCAST
0x00 - ADDR REQUEST | NOT SET                  | NOT SET                    | ALLOWED
0x01 - CLIENT RESP  | 0x00 IPv4 address assign | IPv4+subnet byte (4b + 1b) | NO
0x01 - CLIENT RESP  | 0x02 IPv4 gateway        | Gateway IPv4 (4b)          | NO

2. Protocol Flow

When a new client is starting up, it SHOULD broadcast `ADDR REQUEST` once. In case of no response it may retry after at least 15 seconds. If server has free addresses in address pools it should respond with `CLIENT RESP` packets, setting the client up.

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