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MineOS 1.6 - 3DPrint.lua - ENGLISH TRANSLATION

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MineOS - 3DPrint.app - Eng-US Patch

(Google Translate)

For anyone who wants to use the MineOS 3DPrint Application but doesn't understand russian, I have translated the script to english the best i could with Google Translate.
I think most of it is spot on, but i am not 100% sure about a few bits here and there. Regardless, it is totally useable for those who only speak english. 


Hope this helps at least a few of you! 

Obviously all credit besides the translation goes to the original developer @EliteClubSessions 

(Thanks again for such a GAME CHANGING shell <3 keep up the good work!) 


- [TiC] Detox_GG

3DPrint.lua ] (English Translation)

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