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  1. EliteClubSessions

    GUI: extremely fast advanced interface library

    It's an application market from MineOS (can be installed via pastebin run 0nm5b1ju) It's an IDE that comes with MineOS Settings application for changing wallpapers, screensavers, formatting disks, etc. Also comes with MineOS Draconic reactor control application, source code was lost on server a year ago Raycasting demo application, it's available to download in App Market Weather forecasting is also available to download in same place Something like Steam trade market, i'm too lazy to share it cause of binding to specific php scripts 3D rendering application. Also can be downloaded from App Market
  2. This is an object-oriented library, the main priority of which is the maximum possible performance. It works on the double buffering concept, it has a lot of widgets, animations and custom event handlers support. All programs from the screenshots above are implemented with its help. If you want to develop a fast and beautiful program in just a few lines of code without butthurt - then this library is made for you. Detailed illustrated documentation, installation methods and tons of practical examples are available at: https://github.com/IgorTimofeev/GUI
  3. EliteClubSessions

    MineOS: powerful desktop environment for OpenOS

    Updated to OpenComputers v1.6, added tons of awesome apps, fixed some localization files.
  4. EliteClubSessions

    MineOS: powerful desktop environment for OpenOS

    Added improved graphic rendering scripts, wallpapers, some new apps, libs, but still need to translate them.
  5. EliteClubSessions

    MineOS: powerful desktop environment for OpenOS

    Thanks for the tips, there is definitely a lot of things to ponder about.
  6. MineOS is half the operating system and half the graphical environment for OpenOS, which comes in OpenComputers mod by default. Oringinally it was developed in Russian, but it supports several languages. MineOS has following features: Multitasking Windowed interface with double buffered graphics context Animations, wallpapers, screensavers and color schemes Language packs and software localization User authorization by password and biometrics Support for file sharing over the local network via modems Support for client connection to real FTP servers Error reporting system with the possibility to send information to developers App Market with enormous amount of wonderful applications and possibility to publish your own programs for every MineOS user An internal IDE with syntax highlighting and debugger Open source system API and detailed illustrated documentations Custom EEPROM firmware with the possibility to select/format the boot volume and Internet recovery Almost complete compatibility with OpenOS software How to install? First, you need to install OpenOS from floppy disk to your HDD. After that you'll be able to run MineOS installer via single command: pastebin run 0nm5b1ju System requirements: Internet Card OpenOS installed on Tier 3 HDD Tier 3 GPU 2x Tier 3 RAM Tier 3 CPU (not really matters, just speed up) Troubleshooting: Are there any problems, suggestions? I'll be glad to see you on the operating system repository: https://github.com/IgorTimofeev/MineOS

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