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Everything posted by Crayven

  1. Crayven

    Change Text Size

    yeah - and the maximum grouping size is editable in the config.
  2. Crayven

    Change Text Size

    yeah...and the max Resolution is bound to the Gpu which is in T3 160×50, right? How can I make the screen larger? The max screen size is descripted in the config, but not the maxRes for GPUs
  3. Crayven

    Change Text Size

    @Molinko ooh...ok...thought OC evolved out of CC ...thx for the explanation @Ta©ti Tac0Z Oh, now i understand what you mean. Hm...nope...we have to work with that what we have, right? Thank you too
  4. Crayven

    Change Text Size

    @payonel Sure there was - in times of 'peripheral.wrap(side)' instead of 'component.get() and monitors instead of screens. it's mentioned here: http://computercraft.info/wiki/Term_(API) thought there is a solution that this would in the new version, too. didn't play FTB for a long time but try to get used of it again. nevertheless, thx for helping me out @Ta©ti Tac0Z hm - could you explain this further? thing is I'm programming a controller for a extreme reactor again - but the letters are too small to read it from below. Changing resolution results in less detailed display (eg for small lines)
  5. Crayven

    Change Text Size

    Hey everybody, is there a way to change the font size without changing the screen resolution by itself? Was less complicated in fewer versions. :D The Screen and term-api doenst provide that anymore. Thx a lot for your help.
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