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  1. yeah - and the maximum grouping size is editable in the config.
  2. yeah...and the max Resolution is bound to the Gpu which is in T3 160×50, right? How can I make the screen larger? The max screen size is descripted in the config, but not the maxRes for GPUs
  3. @Molinko ooh...ok...thought OC evolved out of CC ...thx for the explanation @Ta©ti Tac0Z Oh, now i understand what you mean. Hm...nope...we have to work with that what we have, right? Thank you too
  4. @payonel Sure there was - in times of 'peripheral.wrap(side)' instead of 'component.get() and monitors instead of screens. it's mentioned here: http://computercraft.info/wiki/Term_(API) thought there is a solution that this would in the new version, too. didn't play FTB for a long time but try to get used of it again. nevertheless, thx for helping me out @Ta©ti Tac0Z hm - could you explain this further? thing is I'm programming a controller for a extreme reactor again - but the letters are too small to read it from below. Changing resolution results in less detailed dis
  5. Hey everybody, is there a way to change the font size without changing the screen resolution by itself? Was less complicated in fewer versions. :D The Screen and term-api doenst provide that anymore. Thx a lot for your help.
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