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  1. Are you running with other mods? Some of the mod pack creators modify how power generation works - in which case the behavior will be different from the simulator. Your results look similar to what I’ve gotten with some mod packs that did this.
  2. @XyFreak, Yes, I have seen what you mean about the excessive cool down time... yikes! Since a full load of Awakened Draconium can, then, at most product 7 large fragments, which is 87.5% conversion, I just hard coded a 90% conversion shutoff check in for the purposes of using it as a breeder reactor. I might tinker with that a bit more at some point, but for now it lets me keep it moving at a reasonable pace. Thanks again for your help and advice!
  3. @XyFreak, I spent some more time with it today and I can confirm that the failsafe section is the culprit. I decided to just modify it by changing reactorInfo.temperature < self.limitTemperature to reactorInfo.temperature < (self.limitTemperature * 1.1) to mimic the original intent of having it shutdown at 10% beyond the limitTemperature. Yes, it makes the failsafe slightly less... well... safe, but it work for my needs. I think I also know why the simulator disagrees with my setup. I have plenty of power to spare, and I'm not concerned about running the reactor at
  4. Hello! Thank you for putting this all together. i'm finding it fun to play with the configuration file and see what all I can make this thing do. I am running into a problem however. When using the breeding reactor config as demonstrated on your website, the large exponent seems to cause a problem with how you're calculating the shutdown point in the event of an overtemperature scenario. With that config file the reactor should shut down at 11K due to overtemp, but instead as soon as it hits the limitTemp of 10K it shuts down. I'm guessing there's a floting point number limitation go
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