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    jhagrid77 got a reaction from justmethehandyman in MineOS: powerful desktop environment for OpenOS   
    Did you try reinstalling OpenOS beforehand? It's good to update the OS when new releases are out as usually there's something new/needed for programs.
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    jhagrid77 reacted to RandomRedMage in MineOS: powerful desktop environment for OpenOS   
    Make sure the processor is set to Lua 5.2 I noticed it doesnt boot right when running on 5.3 shift right click while holding the processor to switch between architectures.
    Yea a lot of the applications are still in russian I asked about it on his youtube page, he said he would work on it and post them up soon. hopefully he does. He's made a lot of really well done videos about the OS and other things showcasing MineOS and its features, he speaks insanely fast and in russian in all of them, so I have no clue what hes saying but he sounds good saying it at least LOL.
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