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  1. Most of the OC community is also part of the CC community An emulator for OC would be great, an emulator that supports both CC and OC would be even better! However; it should be more as "click to add a computer", since you can have a different hardware setup for each computer.
  2. Yeah, I've tried that a few months ago. It created some issues, although I don't remember what exactly. Any way to do it without disabling the disk buffering?
  3. Is there a way to 'force' a reload of a hard disk, after you modify the files externally? It's quite a pain to remove and reinsert the disk drive each time I want to test a small change.
  4. Well, besides the join dates being wrong, the post-count being (sort of) reset and the stats at the bottom of the index being wrong, it seems everything is fine! Edit: And I have to relog after I close my browser
  5. I find the index page pretty unclear to. There's no way to see if a sub-forum has any new/unread topics. The previous theme was great, this one isn't as user-friendly.
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