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Thermal expansion machines


Hi everyone

I'm new on the forum and i've just started to learn how to use OpenComputer.

Is there any drivers for thermal expansion machines ? When I place an adapter next to a pulverizer, i only see an energy_device on the computer.

Is there any way to manage the input/output of the machine ?

Thanks fo your help


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Ok, did some testing:

You can see whats going on in a TE machine by using an adapter with an inventory controller inside, but you can not push items in/pull items out.

For i/o interaction you have to use an robot equipped with an inventory controller. Then you can transfer items in and out of the machine using the robots inventory as a buffer.

local component = require'component'
local inv = component.inventory_controller
local side = x -- #side where your inventory is attached

-- #i/o stuff
inv.suckFromSlot(side, slot, itemCount)
inv.dropIntoSlot(side, slot, itemCount)

-- #inventory checking
inv.getStackInSlot(side, slot)

Btw, the machine's side facing the robot/adapter must be set to the grey i/o configuration, in order to get access to all slots of the machine.

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You might be able to manage i/o with an adapter. Just place the adapter next to the machine and put an invetory controller inside the adapter. With this you should be able to interact with the item slots in the machine. You still can not access the mashine directly, you call functions on the controller. I‘ll try it later and let you know.

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