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Github Repo Code Sync

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Hello everyone, i noticed when i made this code, i couldnt find something like it on the forums, so i decided to post a copy of the code here!

With this you can copy your entire project over from github to your computer, it saves on time by a LOT! and it makes it so you dont have to rely on the latency of typing the code out on servers, also it makes it so you can use your favorite ide, EX: Sublime text


happy scripting!





By: rater193
Enjoy the script!
local CONFIG = {}
CONFIG.GIT.NAME = "rater193"
CONFIG.GIT.REPO = "OpenComputers-1.7.10-Base-Monitor"
local shell = require("shell")
local internet = require("internet")
local data = require("component").data
local fs = require("filesystem")
--downloading the json libs if they do not exsist
shell.execute('mkdir /lib')
shell.execute('wget -fq "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rater193/OpenComputers-1.7.10-Base-Monitor/master/lib/json.lua" "/lib/json.lua"')
local json = require("json")
--these are some functions for handling downloading data from http requests
local function getStringFromResponce(responce)
  local ret = ""
  local resp = responce()
  while(resp~=nil) do
    ret = ret..tostring(resp)
    resp = responce()
  return ret
local function getHTTPData(url)
  local ret = nil
  local request, responce = pcall(internet.request, url)
  if(request) then
    ret = getStringFromResponce(responce)
  return ret
--this is a function for downloading a repository tree
local function downloadTree(treedataurl, parentdir)
  --this is used to make it so you dont have to set the parent dir it will default to the root directory
  if(not parentdir) then parentdir = "" end
  local treedata = json.decode(getHTTPData(treedataurl))
  for _, child in pairs(treedata.tree) do
    local filename = parentdir.."/"..tostring(child.path)
    if(child.type=="tree") then
      --print("Downloading tree")
      print("Checking directory, "..tostring(filename))
      downloadTree(child.url, filename)
      shell.execute('rm -f "'..tostring(filename)..'"')
      --print("Installing file")
      --local repodata = data.decode64(json.decode(getHTTPData(child.url)).content)
      print("downloading "..filename)
      local repodata = getHTTPData("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/"..tostring(CONFIG.GIT.NAME).."/"..tostring(CONFIG.GIT.REPO).."/master/"..tostring(filename))
      local file = fs.open(filename, "w")
--the data for the json api for the repository
local data = getHTTPData("https://api.github.com/repos/"..tostring(CONFIG.GIT.NAME).."/"..tostring(CONFIG.GIT.REPO).."/git/refs")
if(data) then
  print("Loading updates")
  --print("data: "..tostring(data))
  git = json.decode(data)[1].object
  --This is the version ID we are going to compare, to see if we are outdated!
  local newversion = git.sha
  --this is the repositories commit api url
  local gitcommit = git.url
  local commitdata = getHTTPData(gitcommit)
  if(commitdata) then
    print("Loading commit data")
    --print("commitdata: ", tostring(commitdata))
    --print("length: ", tostring(string.len(commitdata)))
    local commitdatatree = json.decode(commitdata).tree
    --print("commitdatatree: ", tostring(commitdatatree))
  --[[for _, v in pairs(git) do
  print(tostring(_), " = ", tostring(v))
print("Update complete! enjoy!")
Edited by Lizzy Trickster
Indentation, makes it a little easier to read :)
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