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[MC1.8.9] Chisels & Bytes

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While technically an addon to AlgorithmX2's Chisels & Bits, this mod allows you to export a Chisels & Bits block as a model description file for use with the OpenComputers 3D printer. The format is the one used by the print3d program available via oppm. Shape count limits apply of course, but the mod tries to combine adjacent bits of the same type as good as I could make it. Exporting two blocks at once mapped to passive and active state is possible.


Download from Curse. Source available on Github.


If you find any bugs or have suggestions, please use the Github issue tracker to submit them.

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Technically that is the whole point, you don't really have to know how to use it =)
As long as you are able to use Chisels & Bits and know how to download a program from oppm, you should be fine. The only thing that might need a bit of tinkering is if you want to port a design to 1.7, but usually the texture picker from OC and doing some basic search & replace in a text editor will get you a long way there as well.


If you stay in 1.8, usually the only thing you should have to do is

  • Make your C&B block and hold it in your hand
  • Press the hotkey
  • open a new file in OC, paste the clipboard, save (eg to 'model.3dm')
  • install print3d from oppm
  • make sure you have a 3d printer and it's filled with camelite and a ink from a printing cartridge
  • type 'print3d model.3dm'

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