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OpenComputers v1.5.18 (UPDATE: Hotfix 2)

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OpenComputers 1.5.18 is out! Rotating holograms, fixes, and most importantly: Nanomachines, son!

As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating.

Download on Curse.

  • Added: Nanomachines, an energy based buff / effect system.
  • Added: Arbitrary rotation for tier two hologram projectors, static and animated.
  • Added: Transposer can be used as an upgrade in Microcontrollers.
  • Changed: Improved tab completion behavior in shell (payonel).
  • Changed: Drones must now be "itemized" by sneak-activating them with a wrench (instead of bare-handed). Sneak-activating them otherwise powers them on now, like most other devices. This now allows robots/drones to start drones.
  • Fixed: Potential dupe bug when having robots use ExU drums.
  • Fixed: Behavior of os.time / os.date.
  • Fixed: Some more non-critical internal stuff.
  • Fixed: Potential NPE when robots tried to use the analyzer.
  • Fixed: Render issues with certain items when held by robots.
  • [MC1.8] Fixed: Lighting issue when hovering GUI buttons.
Edit: Please get the hotfix, fixes a potential crash and a logic error in agent inventories. Sorry!

Edit 2: Obviously, right after I push out the first hotfix, there's another critical issue... make sure you have hotfix 2, please.

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