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OpenComputers v1.5.15

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OpenComputers 1.5.15 is out! Yet more bug fixes, tiered data cards, unmanaged mode for hard drives and floppies!


As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating.

Download on Curse.

  • Added: Unmanaged mode for hard drives and floppies (treated as block devices / raw access).
  • Added: Tiered data cards (makkarpov).
  • Added: isEquivalentTo and areStacksEquivalent to inventory controller, allowing to check if items share an oredict id.
  • Added: bit32 implementation in Lua 5.3 for backwards compat.
  • Added: Also handle arbitrary number types in signals and return values.
  • Added: Blacklist config for recipe inputs for disassembler. Default contains fire for chainmail blacklisting.
  • Added: NBT editing functionality to Debug Card (gamax92).
  • Changed: Use a non-invalid default dummy item in loot generator (may help with some mods accessing that directly).
  • Fixed: computer.stopped message (resulting in sockets not being closed on shutdown, e.g.).
  • Fixed: Overcompensating for dig time.
  • Fixed: Potential crash when machines stopped unexpectedly.
  • Fixed: Potential deadlock when machines get disposed while they're running.
  • Fixed: Potential division by zero in manual.
  • Fixed: Potential issue in AE2 integration.
  • Fixed: Potential memory leaks in server racks.
  • Fixed: Potential race conditions between ServerThread and ClientShutdownThread.
  • Fixed: Spelling and grammar errors within the man pages (Shuudoushi).
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