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OpenComputers v1.5.7

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OpenComputers 1.5.7 is out now! Biggest addition this time is the ingame manual. That's right, OpenComputers officially joins the book club now. It's kind of wiki-ish-ly structured, and contains documentation about pretty much every item and block in the mod. Huge thanks to rashdanml and everyone else who helped fill out and polish the documentation.

As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating.

Download on Curse.

  • Added: Allow specifying level of redstone signal emitted by prints.
  • Added: Tab completion in Lua interpreter.
  • Added: Prints can now emit light.
  • Added: Allow using dyes as ink input for printers, much less efficient than using cartridges.
  • Added: Ingame documentation via book. Contains documentation on pretty much everything in the mod.
  • Added: A wrench. Mostly for MC1.8. But it should be compatible with most other mods, too.
  • Changed: Using manual in recipe for Lua BIOS and OpenOS now.
  • Changed: Made speed of gpu.setPaletteColor depend on GPU tier and made it a lot faster.
  • Fixed: Potential crash when trying to render a char that could not be generated.
  • Fixed: Chamelium blocks being registered breaking mipmaps.

Oh, and if you have an addon for OpenComputers, there's a very easy to use API for the manual, so you can hook right into it.

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