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IRC Games and Discussion?

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I'm making this post as an open discussion rather than to just tell you stuff; so feel free to reply.

I've seen quite a few chat rooms that have Bot based IRC Games, such as Hangman that seemed to keep activity on the irc up and going. I like seeing activity and I'm sure it'd excite quite a few people in having a game bot in the irc. Unfortunately, I don't know crap about making a bot for the irc... but I could probably set one up if I utilized Kilobyte's Peripherals and PixelToast's IRC script.

As for normal discussion, as far as that goes. The irc isn't constantly active, not a bad thing though. What kind of discussions are interesting in there?

  • Computers?
  • Software from OC?
  • CC Discussion?
  • Peripherals / Addons?

What is popular discussion in there? I'm not sure, could probably figure out if I lurk long enough; but, new discussion might be nice. Though this could probably be talked about in the IRC, I chose the Forum format just simply so there is a record of activity rather than losing the results after closing the tab for the irc. I doubt this will get many replies, or maybe it'll get none. Dunno.

Browser discussion? New software ideas?
I'd also like to encourage more use of the forums to discuss, since program feedback and other things that are discussed about programs should probably be left in the topic. But I sound like a tyrant right now probably, and I'm ranting.

What're your guy's ideas about IRC Games? Discussion Topics? 

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