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OpenComputers 1.2.4

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Version 1.2.4 is out now. Everything should update nicely, but remember to backup your world before upgrading nonetheless.


Download for MC1.6.4

Download for MC1.7.2

Since I forgot to post about the release of 1.2.3, here is the combined changeset for 1.2.3 and 1.2.4!

  • Added support for overriding files in the ROM. Place files into [saves]/[world]/opencomputers/rom/Lua to do so.
  • Added sounds! Disk activity and computer running noise (volume can be changed in settings).
  • Added proper support robot names. Change it using an anvil.
  • Added floppies with programs as loot to dungeon chests.
  • Added slight cooldown for synchronized calls to improve performance.
  • Added basic support for Waila for a couple of blocks.
  • Added 'drop' signal when mouse is released after a 'drag' signal.
  • Fixed render glitch on the Hologram Projector block.
  • Fixed io.open(..., "w") for unbuffered file systems.
  • Fixed a bug in pretty print serialization.
  • Fixed the dig program.
  • Fixed having a lot of computers/robots in a region making Minecraft silently fail to save.
  • Fixed some more small things.
  • Fixed robots not properly respecting permissions (WorldGuard e.g.) when breaking blocks.
  • Fixed robots always dropping items forwards when dropping into the world, even for dropDown and dropUp.
  • Fixed Analyzer recipe in the GregTech set.
  • Some API additions per demand.
  • Support for other power systems even if UE is not installed.
  • Overscaling chars on screen slightly, to hopefully reduce visual artifacts on less accurate GPUs. Configurable.
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