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Best way to autorun a program on boot?


Hello, I'm trying to get a program to autorun on boot using an in-game server.


If I put it in the /autorun.lua file the shell runs afterwards so I get this horrible mess of text on the remote display.


What is the best way to autorun a program on boot after the shell has loaded?

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IIRC, OpenOS 1.6 doesn't load authorun.lua at root fs. This means that you either should add a command to /home/.shrc (this's the preferred way), or modify boot scripts.

I guess the program you want to start automatically on boot doesn't require to be run before the shell loads, so just write the path to your program to /home/.shrc.



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I tried to create an autorun.lua in the root, home, and mnt directories and I get nothing. I checked via lua if autorun is enabled, and it is. I'm not much a programmer at all, but this was one reason I like ComputerCraft back in the day, just had to edit startup and you're done. I love OpenComputers, but I just can't find a tutorial on autorun scripts that are current. I appreciate any assistance. 

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You can just simply modify boot script to run certain program in certain path. I like using 99_rc.lua to change my resolution at startup, almost on all my PCs there, sou you can just add a line that will run a program.


Hope this helped


Edit: I suppose you can run whole program there, as whell is loaded, but I am not sure and this is just my random thought, you can try tho ;)

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Creating a script in /boot is a poor idea unless the program must be run only when computer starts. Boot scripts are intended to initialize the system. Using /home/.shrc is preferred (this will run the program each time the shell boots, though).

@novotd00 I'd just put resolution <x> <y> to /home/.shrc. That's much better than adding code to a file with a completely different purpose (in your case the purpose is to initialize the rc system).


By the way, payonel listed the ways to make a program run automatically here.

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@Fingercomp thank you for your advice. But honestly, I never ran in to a problem when changing my res via that boot script, and yes, I know that it could be done in a better fashion. On my next computers I will definitly do it better, just I'm too lazy. Also, one question, is there any way to multitask or keep updated informations? Also, can I have while loop that waits for event A OR B to happen? I am working on something 'like' ''OS'', just some sort of GUI with different apps and some network capability.

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