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Development Snapshots

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If you wish to help testing the latest version of the mod, you can download the development snapshots from the build server.


Keep in mind that these versions may be broken or break things, and that they may change drastically between builds. In particular, compatibility between saves is not guaranteed (they are in 99% of all cases, but still, dev builds!), meaning while the final builds will be compatible with the previous release, there may be intermediate builds that aren't. When using the development snapshots, always make sure to backup your world. Terrible things may happen. On the plus side, you'll get the latest features and usually more bug fixes than additions.

If you're still not discouraged, you can download the latest development snapshot here:



Download Latest Development Snapshot for MC1.7.10

Download Latest Development Snapshot for MC1.10

Download Latest Development Snapshot for MC1.11

Download Latest Development Snapshot for MC1.12

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