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Fred Sloniker's OC Games Megathread

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Okay, 'megathread' might be pushing it at this point, as I only have the one game to offer, but I'm planning on making more. We start off, though, with

Kalah (the American mancala game)
From the built-in instructions: 

Kalah is a game in the mancala family invented by William Julius Champion Jr. in 1940. It is the most familiar version of mancala to American audiences, and indeed most Americans would call it simply 'mancala'.
Kalah is played on a board with two rows, one for each player, each of which has six small pits, called houses. A large pit, called a kalah or store, is at each end of the board, one for each player.
At the beginning of each game, each of the twelve houses is filled with a number of seeds (usually three or four each). On your turn, you choose one of your houses that has seeds in it and 'sow' the seeds. To do so, you remove the seeds from that house, then go around the board counter-clockwise, depositing one seed in each pit along the way. (You skip over your opponent's store, which is on your left, but not your own store, on the right.)
If the last seed you sow lands in your store, you get an extra turn. There is no limit to how many extra turns you can get this way.
If the last seed you sow lands in one of your own empty houses, and your opponent has seeds in the house opposite that one, both your last seed and all of his seeds in that house are captured and placed in your store.
When someone no longer has any seeds in any of his houses, the game ends. The other player moves all of his remaining seeds to his store, and the player with the most seeds in his store wins. The game also ends if one player gets more than half the seeds in his store, in which case he wins.

Just tell your internet-carded computer to 'pastebin get qmT6AQmY kalah.lua -f', or copy and paste the code from http://pastebin.com/qmT6AQmY. The program will run on even a Tier 1 computer and is small enough to easily fit on a floppy. The graphics are enhanced if you have at least a Tier 2 graphics card/screen combo, but a Tier 1 screen is serviceable, if plain. You can play two-player, and there's a computer opponent of varying skill. There's even an undocumented cheat to find out what the computer thinks of your position, though a live opponent may make you sorry your server has PvP if you use it...
I consider this software 'open beta'; I've tested it thoroughly, but I'm only one guy. If the program crashes or does anything unexpected, post here, and I'll work on fixing the issue! Please also post if you use and enjoy my software, as that's what encourages me to make more. And if you have any suggestions for games, shout them out!


EDIT the latest: move processing is now faster, and I've increased the maximum intelligence setting as a result. However, if you find that you've chosen an intelligence setting that's too high for your computer and it's going to need roughly a decade to decide what to do, you can press 'q' to quit and try again at a lower setting. Setting five takes about a minute between moves on my computer (it gets faster as it gets closer to the end of the game).

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